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Estate Sales

Do you need the services of a professional estate sale company? 

Providing Estate Sale Services for families who need to liquidate all or part of the home for you or your loved one is what we do best!  We focus on taking a stressful or overwhelming process and making it as easy as possible.  Our team sets up, markets and sells your personal belongings and prepares the home for it's final sale.   Customers regularly tell us how surprised they are at the size of the check we deliver at the end of the sale! 

Personal helping team members
Why choose the Ashby Team? 
  • Trust. You can trust the Ashby team to take great care of your possessions and home before, during, and after the sale. 

  • Satisfied Clients. We have over 70 happy, satisfied clients in the Mount Dora area.

  • Experience. Our experienced staff know how to merchandise and sell your possessions for the best possible return.

  • Happy Customers. We have over 700 active customers who regularly attend our sales and eagerly follow our marketing and social media.

  • Expert Marketing. Our marketing experience provide you with a network of qualified, loyal customers who follow our communications

  • Neighbors. We are your neighbors in Mount Dora, FL so we know the market and what works in this community

  • Specialized Collectors. We have a vast network of buyers who seek the special treasures you have collected and will travel long distances to buy them. 

  • We care! Our team cares about you and the results we can bring to you at the end of the sale 


Robert & Alicia

We really appreciate the hard work of Ashby Estate Sales entire staff in making our moving sale a success! Many people may not realize all the hours and careful attention required, not to mention, knowing how to price items to get them sold. Having been to a number of these events ourselves we understand at least some of the multitudes of details that need to be taken care of. Maybe best of all, the Ashby staff are easy to work with, professional, friendly and great communicators! Thank you very much.


I have collected extensively and amassed furnishings for over sixty years, which filled out not only my 2200 sq ft home, but also a 150 ft. storage unit and my three-car garage. My holdings were cluttered and disorganized, many dusty and unpresentable. When I decided to sell these, Tina and her team went immediately to work.  

Within a week, she had organized these, and displayed them in an attractive and marketable fashion, throughout the house and garage. Beyond this, she had marketed all of my varied and extensive things through her internet presence, in a way that reached prospective buyers as far as 800 miles away. 


Lovely items with very fair pricing. Everyone was pleasant and helpful and answered any and all questions. A special thanks to the two (2) ladies who carefully loaded  my dressing table into my car with never a grumble. I am extremely happy with all of my purchases and will be watching for the next sale!

Before and After Your Sale

When the sale is over, we remove all trash, all remaining items, sweep, and the house is ready for real estate showings or the next family to move in. 

ashby garage before and after
another inside before and after

Clients are always pleasantly surprised at how much they make from their sale when working with Ashby! 

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